Nutrition Top Tips for Adolescent Girls

Hormones can make us do funny things. If you are a teen girl or you know a teen girl, shifting hormonal levels and peer pressure can lead to unhealthy food choices. Here are some tips to help stay healthy through good nutrition.

Good nutrition is important at all stages of life. For teen girls, it can be crucial. As you experience puberty, the body changes. For girls, this means the deposits of fat shift to the hips. The pelvis widens to prepare for childbirth. The breasts begin to grow larger. This is also a fat deposit where milk will be produced in the event of a pregnancy.

These bodily changes can be alarming and also unpleasant for many girls. It is not uncommon for adolescent girls to fall prey to some form of eating disorder – namely anorexia or bulimia – during this time in their lives. Heading off this path is essential to not only present health but also future health for girls.

So, how do you begin?

Start by instilling confidence in them through knowledge. When a girl learns how her body works, she can take back some of the control she may feel she has lost. The body is doing what it is supposed to be doing at that time in her life. She may worry about getting fat, but she doesn’t have to if proper nutrition is observed.

Nutrition Tips

Eat breakfast – People underestimate its importance. Breakfast fuels the mind and the body after a long sleep (and, teenagers do sleep a lot). It can also stop cravings for fats and sweets that can add fat to the body.

Choose healthier snacks – Instead of hitting the snack machine, try fat-free microwave popcorn with spray butter. For a girl on the go, celery sticks with peanut butter or fresh fruit are easy to carry and fast to eat.

Create your own snacks – One way to ensure that they will eat better is to let them have a hand in preparing their own food. They learn about food and how different ones affect the body, and at the same time they feel in control by preparing what will keep them healthy and give them the look that they want.

Eat every few hours – If weight loss or weight maintenance is what she wants, keeping the metabolism high is the key. Eating often burns more calories. Eating healthy forms of grains, fats, protein and dairy leads to more fat burning, because you are providing nutrients for the body that it can use.

Adolescent girls often turn to starvation diets to thwart what nature is doing within their bodies. But, there is a better way with a few nutrition tips, a positive self-image and an understanding of how her body works.