Causes and Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is a painfully diseases. Millions of people are suffering from arthritis all over the world. The word arthritis came from Greek word arthon, which in English means joint and itis means inflammation in English. Arthritis mainly affects the joints of our body. By hearing the word Arthritis, people think it is just one diseases but sadly, it’s a cluster of diseases, which sometimes make people confuse actually detecting which kind of arthritis it is. The joints gets inflated and swollen even the shape of the joints where the arthritis has caused changes due to the diseases. There are more than one hundred varieties of arthritis. To detect the kind of arthritis one need to go through various kind of tests to detect actually, what kind of arthritis it is.

Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is caused mainly on the joints. A joint is one bone upon another bone. The later bone moves upon the former bone, a ligament binds both the bones together. The ligament is like elastic, which stretches, and thus we can expand and contract our joints so smoothly and easily. The cartilage in the joints, does not allow both the bones to meet or to cause any type of friction within the bone. Sometimes arthritis is caused if it is in the family, it carries on through generations. It caused due to age, sudden increase or decrease in weight. Arthritis can be caused due to previous or old injuries or some occupational hazards. It is hard to determine exactly what reason has caused arthritis until and unless you go through series of tests.

Risk factors for Arthritis

Various risk factors remain in arthritis. If arthritis is there in the family then the risk of going done the generation. Obsessed people have the high risk of getting the diseases because excess weight causes pressure on joints, which can lead to arthritis. Due to ageing also, arthritis caused.

Arthritis symptoms and signs

The main symptom arthritis cause is excessive pain on the joints even swelling of the muscles. Sometimes fever may also come, due to the pain it can turn infectious. The joints may swell up causing total numbness and slow movement of the part.

The aged or the old people are mostly who is affected by arthritis. Even children and young people are getting these diseases.